Cardiovascular Disease Death Correlated Statistically with Vitamin K2

Nutrition researchers recently recognized that deficiency of vitamin K2 (menaquinone: MK-4–MK-13) is widespread and contributes to cardiovascular disease (CVD). The deficiency of vitamin K2 or vitamin K inhibition with warfarin leads to calcium deposition in the arterial blood vessels.

Worldwide dietary vitamin K2 data derived from food commodities add much understanding to the analysis of CVD risk factors and the etiology of CVD. Vitamin K2 in food products should be systematically quantified. Public health programs should be considered to increase the intake of vitamin K2-containing fermented plant foods such as sauerkraut, miso, and natto.

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Processed food is behind cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Statins just make it worse.

Processed food is behind cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Statins just make it worse.

The perfect storm of too much sugar and refined carbohydrate combined with polyunsaturated seed oils creates inflammation in every blood vessel, in every cell membrane and in every mitochondrion, the engines of cells. That creates the susceptibility in every organ to other damaging processes including stress, chemical exposure, genetic predispositions, vitamin deficiencies, and the potential damage from poor gut flora.

This review article from Harumi Okuyama puts further science behind my Nutritional Model of Inflammation and Modern Disease. This may be the most definitive review on the science that I have seen to date. It is worth the entire read and chasing down of the references. I will go through it over time with some further posts.

There is more evidence coming out every week supporting the central role of poor nutrition in our deteriorating health. It is the combination rather than just the individual component. It is just toxic to us all.

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Study: Medicines and Vegetable Oils as Hidden Causes of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Summary: Statin-induced suppression of prenyl intermediates in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway has been linked to stimulated atherosclerosis and heart failure. On the other hand, certain types of vegetable oil and hydrogenated oil shortened the survival of stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats by decreasing platelet number, increasing hemorrhagic tendency and damaging kidney functions, which could not be accounted for by their fatty acid and phytosterol compositions. These vegetable oils and medicines such as statin and warfarin share, in part, a common mechanism to inhibit vitamin K2-dependent processes, which was interpreted to lead to increased onset of CVD, DM, chronic kidney disease, bone fracture and even mental disorder. Impaired vitamin K2-dependent processes by some types of vegetable oils and medicines, but not plasma high low density lipoprotein cholesterol, were proposed as the cause of CVD, DM and other lifestyle-related diseases. High n-6/n-3 fatty acid ratio of ingested foods, but not animal fats, was emphasized to be another risk factor for many of the diseases described above.

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