How CSPI Undermines Science, Nutrition, And U.S. Dietary Guidelines

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines were born of good intentions. They were created to make Americans healthier.

The guidelines, however, were not inscribed on stone tablets and handed to mankind. Instead, they are the result of a bureaucratic process and, as such, are susceptible to dubious conclusions and adverse influence by activist groups.

In 2015, journalist Nina Teicholz conducted an investigation, published in BMJ, that criticized the dietary guidelines for being based on “weak scientific standards” and “vulnerable to internal bias as well as outside agendas.”

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Dr. Ted Naiman on Blood Tests, Diabetes, Obesity, Carbohydrate and more

Caught up with Dr. Ted Naiman (yes, THE Ted Naiman) in Seattle today, and had a chat on some of the key elements that enable long-term health and longevity. Wondering about the most important blood tests? Ok we talked about those. The ideal diet for the human species? Yep – had a few words. The best diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease? Yup. What about the most optimum (and yet easiest to do) exercise for your health? Hey, we covered that too – and then some !

Toddler in hospital with vitamin B12 deficiency after being raised on a vegan diet

A two-year-old girl has been hospitalised for vitamin deficiencies, thought to have been brought about by a poorly implemented vegan diet.

The girl was admitted in a serious condition to Istituto Giannina Gaslini, a children’s hospital in Genoa, Italy. She was kept in intensive care for several days, but is now showing signs of recovery.

The child’s parents are also vegan and strictly controlled her diet, La Repubblica reported. In addition to being raised on a strict vegan diet, the girl was also breastfed by her mother while she was on the same diet, resulting in less nutritious breast milk.

After the girl became ill, her parents took her to hospital on the advice of local doctors.

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