Mediterranean Diet better than statins?

In my honest opinion, statins are unfit for human consumption. This is what they do. Find me a study showing statins have a significant absolute benefit, which has not been funded by the pharmaceutical industry and which declares full data (so that I can dissect it). Meanwhile – wonder why your body is making cholesterol right now if cholesterol is trying to kill you.

The media articles describe the Mediterranean Diet as “rich in fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil.” This is the Fictitious Mediterranean Diet (FMD, as I call it). What people really eat in the Med is best summed up as “if it moves, they eat it + white things…” The true Mediterranean Diet is: meat (largely red, but everything available – lamb, beef, pork, rabbit, game, turkey etc);  fish (especially oily); eggs; dairy products (cheese, cream, butter, milk); vegetable and fruits (but with meals – not as snacks – and more veg than fruit and seasonally consumed); dark chocolate and red wine.

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