The British Dietetic Associations diet of slow death for diabetics.

In the UK we have an organisation called The British Dietetic Association the BDA. At every opportunity the BDA and it’s members quote the term “Trust A Dietitian” To me that implies others cannot be trusted to give sound dietary advice, it could mean, or imply, many do not trust a dietitian, but please trust us. Whatever it may mean to you, to me it is a strange slogan or statement. For instance, imagine walking into a Surgeon’s office to see a sign on the wall pleading “Trust A Surgeon” or boarding a plane and seeing a sign saying “Trust A Pilot” Getting the picture. Almost all of us, trust completely, people who have earned the right to be known as medical professionals. In short, at times we put our lives, and those of our loved ones, in their hands. The success rate of medical professionals is very high, that is why many of us stay with our Doctors year after year. None of us believe our Doctor is a God that can cure all ills, but we TRUST him or her to do their best for us, that is all we can ask or expect.

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