High-Protein Low-Carbohydrate Diets Enhance Weight Loss in Dogs

The number of obese and overweight people is of growing concern in the human population. Estimates of the incidence of obesity of dogs in the United States are as high as 25% of the dog population (1). Current weight loss regimens for pets often involve a severe calorie restriction that is many times coupled with high intakes of dietary fiber. Either alone or combined with an increase in physical activity, these diets are efficacious when strictly followed. Unfortunately, they are often not followed. In addition to the reduced palatability and increased stool volume commonly associated with high-fiber diets, the strict calorie restriction required for weight loss often leaves an animal hungry. Aggression and begging in a hungry pet stresses the pet owner who will dramatically increase the pet’s caloric intake by offering the pet numerous treats in an attempt to decrease the begging and alleviate the owner’s concern that the pet remains hungry after a meal.

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