Long-Term Type 2 Achieves Normal BG in 3 Days

I recently ran into a former patient of mine. In speaking with him, I asked if I could share his story because it would be very encouraging to my readers. He said absolutely and also agreed to let me show his BG log that I had taken an image of when I began working with him because I was just so proud of him!

For a little background, this was a 73 year old male who had been a diagnosed Type 2 for well over 20 years. He was overweight, it is hard to tell how much. I would say at least 50 lbs, but for me, it is hard sometimes to tell on men who carry all of their weight abdominally. He was on a moderate dose of basal insulin daily (no mealtime insulin) and Metformin.

Read Article By Kelley Pounds (RN)